Don’t worry.  There is still life after the barn sale for your unsold items!!
First things first – this isn’t your mothers house!  Clean up after yourselves!
If you are selling at a location other than your home, please take all unsold items home with you!!  Everything you bring to the sales lot, if unsold at the end of Saturday (or if you’re selling on Sunday, the end of Sunday), needs to go home with you.  There will be garbage cans with pickup provided at various locations for your convenience.  YOU are responsible to clean up your own area!!
You may want to also set up a “FREE” pile or table during the sale for any items that are not selling well and you want to get rid of!  Believe me, there are people that will take anything marked “free”!!  Set up a sign and watch the stuff disappear!  Yeah!!
That being said… there are Organizations in Pescadero that will gratefully accept gently used donations:
1 The South Coast Children’s Services Thrift Shop (yes, it really is still that) will take clothes that are clean and in good repair plus books, CD’s (no VHS or cassettes), kitchen utensils, housewares, linens, lamps, etc.  Click here to see a full listing. PLEASE DO NOT drop off outside of business hours!  They are open Wed – Sun 11:30 to 5:30pm. There is a chance they may stay open a little later for us on Saturday; this is still to be determined.
2 Puente de la Costa Sur Contact Puente, 620 North Street, to see if they may want anything you have. http://mypuente.org
3 USAgain.  Note that this is a for-profit disposal company. They take unwanted stuff for free and repurpose it. It’s a win for the environment! There are multiple boxes around Half Moon Bay and San Mateo too.
4 For old electronics, there is Green Citizen (.com), or people can also take stuff to Alifano’s in HMB.  There is also an “electronics” dumpster behind the Strawflower shops for recycling old computer gear.
5 Freecycle.com  A great place for any other unusual items.  Please refer to website for rules / regulations regarding garage sale left overs.
Disposal options for items that have reached end of life:
§         Sort recyclables (paper, cardboard and glass can all go together into the same bin; metal objects need to be separated to go into a different bin) prior to dropping off at the dump
§         Electronics must be recycled at special sites – check out Green Citizen.com for a location in HMB

§          The Pescadero/Bean Hollow Dump hosts a GOODWILL station for your post sale items as well. They are open Friday-Sunday.

– If you are selling from someone else’s property, please take unsold items back to your house at the end of the day.  Clean up after the sale is not a provided service.  As a grass roots organization, please treat the property as if it were your home and clean up after yourselves!!  What you pack in, you need to pack out!!
If your donating to a Charity:

– Box the unsold items up, following the guidelines from each charity.

– Mark the boxes with the name of the intended charity
– Do your own itemized list if you want a receipt for a tax deduction.
– Use donation instructions from the particular charity