Info for Sellers

Bring out all your “good stuff”: antiques, collectibles, farm supplies, garden tools, clothing, furnishings, hardware, books, kids’ stuff, you-name-it.

Each year the Pescadero Community Barn Sale draws huge crowds of locals and visitors who are looking for unique and useful items from our little town.  Start cleaning out your closets, attics, haylofts, and toolsheds, and join us for some profitable fun!

Interested in joining the sale?

Great! In past years, we’ve provided the advertising, maps, flyers, and yard signs to get shoppers to your location. We will be doing so again this year. A small donation ($25) to help offset printing and other costs is requested. Over the next weeks, we will once again be coordinating and promoting heavily.  As a benefit of the donation, and as part of the advertising, we will once again provide you with signage and directional signs to point folks in your direction.

Have stuff to sell but need a more visible/accessible location?

Sign up now (no later than Monday, July 1st) to ensure you get a spot. We also will have the big lot on main Stage and the locations on south Stage, as well as others still to be determined. Just let us know you need a place and we’ll connect you to the right people.

Willing to help with organizational stuff next year?

Terrific! We have a core team of dedicated volunteers but we always need extra hands to print and post flyers, set up signs, and help manage all the other details before, during, and after the event. If you can pitch in, please let us know  – – this is “still” a grass roots event, and we need your help!

To sign up for next year, please call 650-888-9901. 

Send your $25.00 donation to P.O. Box 918, Pescadero, CA, Attn: Deb Vento

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